Mobile Legends: Best Mages Ranked

Mobile Legends has several Mages for you to choose from. But which one is the best? We’ll find out in this guide. We will divide them into different sections so you can understand everything in a better way.

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Burst Damage Champions

  • Lunox: This versatile mage adapts to any situation by switching between Order (heavy magic damage) and Chaos (sustained damage) stances. Mobile Legends Lunox excels at eliminating priority targets and snowballing leads.
  • Valentina: New to the scene but a dominant force, Valentina mirrors the enemy’s ultimate, making her a nightmare for foes with strong ultimates. Her mobility and burst potential are perfect for aggressive plays.
  • Pharsa: A classic mage, MLBB Pharsa offers incredible long-range poke and burst damage. Her ultimate rains down continuous magical bombardment, perfect for wiping out grouped enemies or securing objectives.

Crowd Control Powerhouses

  • Aurora: A control mage extraordinaire, Aurora freezes enemies in place with her ultimate, leaving them open for annihilation by your Mobile Legends team. She’s a strong counter to aggressive MLBB heroes and excels in teamfights.
  • Nana: This adorable mage packs a punch. Nana’s ultimate transforms enemies into harmless animals, effectively removing them from the fight. She’s a great babysitter for your Mobile Legends marksman and disrupts enemy team compositions.
  • Vexana: A master of area denial, Vexana summons a Necromancy puppet that pushes lanes and burns enemies. Her ultimate explodes the puppet, dealing massive damage and zoning enemies from objectives.

Flexible Powerhouses

  • Lylia: This hybrid ML mage/marksman offers a unique blend of magic damage and attack speed. Lylia excels at wave clear and can melt Mobile Legends tanks with her enhanced basic attacks. Her ultimate creates a zone that slows and damages enemies.
  • Novaria: This recent addition boasts both magic and physical damage. Novaria can shred through enemies with her basic attacks and ultimate, while her second skill grants a burst of movement speed, allowing for aggressive plays or escapes.

Choosing the Right Mage

Remember, picking the “best” mage depends on several factors. Consider your team composition: Do you need burst damage or crowd control? Are you playing solo queue or with a coordinated team?

  • Solo Queue: Mobile Legends Heroes like Xavier with strong wave clear and self-sustain are great choices, as you might not always have reliable teammates.
  • Team Play: If you have a tanky frontline, consider burst damage dealers like MLBB Lunox or Valentina to take down priority targets. If your team lacks crowd control, Aurora or Nana can provide a much-needed lockdown.

Mastering the Mage

Beyond Mobile Legends hero selection, practice is key. Here are some tips to become a mage master:

  • Learn skill combos: Maximize your MLBB hero’s potential by mastering their skill combos. Practice in custom matches to perfect your timing and positioning.
  • Map awareness: Mobile Legends Mages are squishy and vulnerable to ganks. Maintain good MLBB map awareness and ward strategic locations to avoid surprises.
  • Mana management: Mages rely heavily on mana. Be mindful of your mana usage and avoid spamming skills. Learn to manage your mana pool effectively for a sustained presence in the battlefield.

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